Gambling Problems

We all know that gambling problems will not only affect the gambler but also to their family, friends and communities.

1. An individual who has a gambling problem may lose self- respect, and may lose faith in belief system. He may also feel a high level of depression and anxiety and even suicidal feelings.

2. Among adolescents gambling has been linked with increased delinquency and criminal behavior. Adolescents who have gambling problems can negatively affect his overall school performance and work activities. He may sacrifice his school, work, parental and peer relationships just to continue gambling.

3. Gambling may destroy families. An individual who used to go out and gamble all day long may ignore or neglect their family life because he is only focused on gambling and gambling alone. Thus, that individual may not know what is happening inside the house and maybe he doesn’t even care about their children.

4. Gambling can hinder career growth. Since you are now more focused on your gambling, gambling career has become your only career. Probably you show up less in your work and your performance drops. Think what could happen to you if you fail in your gambling career?

5. Gambling can take all your money. Most individual who are addicted in gambling will no longer interested in saving money for more important things like health or medical insurance. He can even find himself in big gambling debts that he can no longer pay for.