Gambling Superstitions

Internet Gambling -There are many superstitions that gamblers from around the world believed that determine what is lucky and unlucky. They believed that these superstitions can have strong effect on them, and that their fortune and misfortune is the result of the way they act in a given situation.

Some superstitions are somewhat believable but some are absolutely absurd. Here are some common internet gambling superstitions some gamblers believed in.

A. Superstitions to bring good luck:

1. Carrying a lucky charm such as lock of hair, four-leaf clover, horseshoe, or coin with a hole in it.
2. Blowing on the dice before rolling them.
3. Being well dressed or wearing a lucky item of clothing.
4. Touching your favorite card with your index finger, but never point your middle finger at a dealer who is taller than six foot seven.
5. Sitting on a handkerchief.
6. A male player having a pretty woman stand behind his chair believed to be lucky.

B. Superstitions to bring bad luck:
1. Breaking a mirror.
2. The color black
3. Walking under a ladder
4. Dogs near a gambling table
5. Picking up cards with your left hand.
6. A black cat crossing
7. Lending money to an opponent
8. Rubbing dice onto the head of a red-headed person